Do you ever find yourself wishing you had half as much energy as your busy little toddler? Me too, mama. Let’s talk about some indoor toddler activities to help you out.¬†

When the weather is nice, and we can play outside our toddlers have so much more room to expend their energy. But when its cold, raining, snowing, and we are stuck indoors it can sometimes get a little more difficult to keep a toddler busy.

Fear these upcoming winter months no longer, mama. Here are some more indoor activities you can do to keep your busy little toddler, well… busy! And happy ūüėȬ†

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5 Indoor Toddler Activities


Build a Blanket Fort

What is better than building a blanket fort and crawling into it? Not much!!

This activity requires very little effort and materials.

Take a semi-lightweight blanket so it is easier to keep up. I use a chair and an ottoman in my living room as “pillars”.

Place the ottoman and chair (or other furniture you use) in close proximity to each other, with a space to crawl between.

Drape the blanket over the chair, or tuck it into the sides for reinforcement, and then also tuck it over the ottoman.

Then show your toddler how you can crawl into your homemade fort! They will for sure get a kick out of crawling under it.

Playing peek-a-boo with the fort is another great way to get some more fun out of it as well!


Building a blanket fort is probably one of the easiest indoor toddler activities. And they will love to do it over and over again!


Tissue Toss

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds like a mess and a waste of tissues. But hear me out.

I discovered my toddler’s interest in pulling things from boxes quite accidentally. You see, my girl got a hold of a baby wipes container. *ugh* Baby wipes everywhere, but she was one happy girl! A small price to pay for her happiness.

All you need to simulate this activity is an empty tissue box and a few clean tissues. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest you give your baby an entire box of tissues to play with because they will undoubtedly pull every single last tissue out.

Unless of course you don’t mind that kind of tissue commitment. Then go for it!

But just put a few tissues into the box and your toddler will have a ball pulling them out, and you can teach them how to put them back into the box as well.


Why stop at just tissues?

Any object can make the empty tissue box fun. Place some other smaller toys into the tissue box for your toddler to pull out (and eventually learn to put back in). 


Tissues can also be fun to toss. 

This idea stems from elementary school when we would practice “juggling” with lightweight scarf-like objects.

Take a tissue and toss it into the air and watch it float down. Just use a few to keep the potential for mess at a minimum. This activity will encourage hand eye coordination, and develop their understanding of gravity.

Sure your toddler won’t be writing any laws of physics any time soon, but this is a good way for them to understand what goes up, must come down. This is also a way to encourage development of their fine motor skills.




Your toddler is learning how things in their environment go together. They are trying to understand how everything works! After all, it is all new to them.

Simple puzzles are a great way to help them learn this skill.

Your toddler may not be able to actually put together a puzzle for some time, but there are items such as these below that they can practice fitting things together.


With these puzzles, they will not only begin to understanding how things fit together, but you can also teach them colors, animals, letters, numbers and shapes!

Simple puzzles like these are such a great tool for toddler’s brain development!


Muffin Tin Time

Get out a clean muffin tin or two and explore the fun ways you can use this to your advantage.

Toddlers are really very simple. The things that seem the most benign to us, can be super intriguing to them.

I like to use the muffin tins with these plastic balls. Putting the balls into the tins or tossing the balls onto the tins and seeing if we can get the balls to stay in the holes. 

You can really use any of your little one’s toys with the muffin tins. Smaller blocks, a pacifier, a snack even!

Teach your little one how things fit into the muffin tin holes. They will love to explore the muffin tin and understand it.

Plastics balls in a muffin tin


Cup Stacking

You can do this activity with regular plastic drinking cups, or stackable cups such as these.


stackable cups



Don’t expect to be able to keep the cups stacked for long, because most toddlers find the most fun in knocking them down. But either way- stacking cups and knocking them down is a great way to keep them busy!

More importantly, building and stacking develops your toddler’s fine motor skills.¬†

A toddler starts out rough (just knocking the cups down). But as their understanding develops, they will learn how things stack on top of each other. This is an important skill to learn!

**Remember** things we think of as simple, can be huge for a child’s development.


Simple Indoor Toddler Activities 

Keep it simple, mama! And don’t sweat the messes.

Our toddlers are learning a mile a minute. And the most simple of activities can make the biggest impact on their development. Have fun and stay warm this winter!

xoxo Tazia


Do you have more fun indoor toddler activities? Let me know in the comments below!

indoor toddler activities


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