Making a daily to do list is the best way to keep things organized. And to be more organized and efficient you need to set goals.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with a big project or daily chores? Create a to do list and start getting more things done!

To help you, I have created this simple design for your daily to do list with a plan of attack for each larger goal. Read on for your free printable to do list and start getting more done!

Steps to organization:

Step 1- Make a goal

For example, your goal is to clean the house. Cleaning the house is a very general and broad goal. It encompasses a lot! And when you put that on your regular to do list you may see it and think, “Oh gosh, where do I start?”. But defining your goals is the first step in being more efficient to get things done.

Step 2- Create smaller goals

Next, make smaller goals to make the larger goal achievable. For example, mop floors, dust, clean mirrors.

This helps you focus on a specific task one at a time. And by creating smaller goals, you will feel less overwhelmed.

You need to create a clear plan. And subsequently, you will get more things done! See how that works?

Step 3- Check off completed tasks as you go

Finally, check each smaller task off as you can get them done throughout the day. Before you know it, your larger goal of “clean the house” has been done!

It is gratifying to see the tasks you have completed in writing.

Being organized does not have to be overwhelming!

Take a big task and break it up into smaller more achievable tasks.

Free Printable To Do List

Get my free printable to do list!

So, do you need anything else?

Are you looking for something else specific? Let me know in the comments below! And I would be happy to help 🙂

xoxo Tazia

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