There has been a lot of discussion surrounding vaccinations and the potential effects they may have on your child’s health.

A large amount of the debate was prompted thanks to celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, who claimed it was vaccines that cause her son’s autism. It seems like a fictional story for so many people to believe this washed-up nude model, but the sad truth is- a lot of people do.

The argument is that vaccines cause autism. They contain heavy metals that are toxic to your baby. They say we are killing our kids with vaccines.

 I contest their arguments with this: Even if vaccines do cause autism (which they don’t), but let’s say for one minute say they do. Would you rather your child have autism, or be stricken with polio?

If you don’t know, polio is a deadly disease that was eradicated from the US in 1979.  Do you know how we were able to get rid of this terrible disease, and prevent our children from suffering and dying from it? You got it- vaccinations. 

There has been countless amounts of research conducted over the last several decades in regard to vaccines. There have been numerous other diseases the US and many other countries have been able to eradicate because of vaccines. It never ceases to amaze me that despite the obvious benefits that vaccines have provided and continue to provide to public health, people still have their doubts. WHY?

Because people are lied to and are made to fear vaccines.

I have been considering writing about vaccines for some time now, and it wasn’t until today I came across a blog article in which someone literally made claims that Tylenol was poison.

The writer warned parents not to give Tylenol especially before or after vaccines because the risk of inducing autism is exponentially higher. The entire article seemed like a really bad joke.

She went into false details about the chemical composition of the medication and the physiologic effects it has on the child’s body. She wrongly used fancy words that the general reader would not understand. This anti-vax, anti-pharmacopeia person was the prime example of why we even have this debate in the first place.

If I didn’t know any better, she would even have me convinced that every time I gave my baby Tylenol she was one step closer to waking up with autism the next day.

Curious as to who this deceitful person was I checked her bio, and she reported to have formerly been a nurse. INTERESTING, I thought. Being a nurse myself, I can’t understand why someone who would have been educated medically would proclaim these outrageous allegations.

To be a nurse means to be an advocate for our patients, not lying to them.

Being a nurse means you provide knowledge based on facts and research. Being a nurse means that people may put a lot of trust in you. To read an article full of lies from someone who presents themselves to be of a reputable profession- I was disgusted to say the least.

I am here to tell you this.

Vaccines truly do not cause autism.

They don’t. There has been ZERO scientific, real evidence to show a direct correlation to vaccines and autism.

Many people believe the liars who claim their child became autistic after getting their vaccines. They claim the child was perfectly “normal” before. The fact of the matter is, autism cannot even be diagnosed in a child before the age of 18 months.

In infancy our children get a lot of vaccines, and it is within this time frame that a child would be diagnosed with autism. A parent feels the need to lay blame on something. They need to have a tangible reason for why their baby now has this disorder. People need to point their fingers somewhere, and so the scapegoat shall be- vaccines.

Please don’t let these people scare you. You, as a parent, undoubtedly, are trying to do what is best for your baby. I applaud you! Thank you for being the best advocate for your child.

I hope the anti-vaxers of the world are not able to cloud your judgement.

What would happen if everyone suddenly decided to stop vaccinating their children?

We would see a return of deadly diseases we no longer have to worry about. We would live in fear of watching our child die from smallpox, measles or polio. People would suffer with REAL illness.

If autism is truly a concern you have when it comes to vaccinating you child, remember this- Would you rather your child be autistic, or dead from polio?

(And just to be clear- no, Tylenol will not give your child autism either.) Read more about that here.


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