A teething baby is no fun. And a teething baby that is being breastfed can be just plain scary for mama. Babies will do anything to soothe their gums, which includes using your nipple as a teething toy. An awesome solution I found was to make these teething popsicles for babies and toddlers! 

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Teething in Babies

Teething impacts baby’s sleep. It can turn the sweetest of babies into a little grizzly bear.

 So what can you do about it? Well, you can grit your teeth and just deal with it. Or you can use the tools available to you!

I personally have a teething baby girl who was very intolerant of the pain she had while teething. I needed help! 

When I came across these popsicle molds on Amazon, I figured why not give them a try. Since at the time, I was breastfeeding, I thought they would be perfect to fill with breast milk!

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Best Popsicle Mold for Teething Popsicles

Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray

teething popsicles for babies

 For the price, I really had nothing to lose if she didn’t like them. Now, it is marketed obviously as a fruit popsicle tray, but you can fill them with just about anything you could think of.

How to Make Teething Popsicles for Babies and Toddler with Breast Milk

  • Will need about 4 ounces of breast milk
  • Fill each spot with 1 ounce
  • Snap the handles into place
  • Let freeze (usually takes only a few hours)
  • THEN once ready– Run the outside of popsicle mold under water for a few moments & the pop will slide right out!

Other teething popsicle ideas:

  • Fruit Juice
  • Fruit Puree and Milk
  • Whole Milk
  • Yogurt
teething popsicles for babies

There are so many ways to use these! 

Teething popsicles are an amazing remedy for sore gums!

If you are looking for a good way to help soothe your little ones gums while teething- you should definitely give these popsicle molds a try.

The first time (like everything else) my baby was confused when I handed her the popsicle. But once she got the taste of the breast milk- she was HOOKED!

This popsicle is the perfect size for your 6+ month old baby. Not only will it help their gum pain, but they are getting nutrition too! It is a win-win. 

The handles are the thick and sturdy for baby’s little hands to hold. They are BPA free and they are super easy to wash. I have used this popsicle mold time and time again- so it is very durable in my experience.

We will usually give our baby one of these as a dessert item. They are especially good for the hotter summer days as a way to cool off.

Eating tip:

Make sure to always have your baby in their high chair while eating anything. And you will definitely want a bib on them as they will drool/drip.

Try out these teething popsicles for babies and toddlers!

I discovered these when I was breastfeeding and needed a way to help my baby soothe her gums. Save your nipples and try these out!

For the breastfeeding mamas, you can not only help your baby be more comfortable, but also give your baby nutritious breast milk. These have been such a great item to have!

I am so happy I discovered them, and I hope you will check them out for yourself. 

Go to Teething Popsicle Molds on Amazon

Have you tried these out? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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