You have heard of power pumping, right? But how does power pumping increase milk supply? We will talk about that and more in this article.

If we need a boost in our breast milk supply this is a prime way to do it. The typical way most websites will tell you to do it is to:

  • Pump for 20 minutes
  • Rest 10 minutes
  • Pump 10 minutes
  • Rest 10 minutes
  • Pump 10 minutes.

That sounds great and everything, but who realistically can fit that into their busy schedule?

When you have a baby to nurse and maybe another toddler to chase after. Forget making dinner or perhaps showering. It is recommended that for best results you do this 2-3 times a day for 3 days or so. Not practical. At least, it certainly wasn’t for me.

I had to figure something else out that worked for me and fit into my lifestyle. So I started testing out different approaches and devised a method that works wonders.

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Power Pumping: How to Increase Milk Supply when Pumping

A new way to power pump

First and foremost, the big difference with this power pumping technique is the time required to do it.

If you are at work, or you have other obligations keeping you tight on time- this method is for you to try.

I breastfed my baby on demand, but when I returned to work I felt the difference almost immediately.

Typically, in the mornings I wake up super engorged. I mean like, get me my pump now or I think my boobs are going to fall off, engorged. Who can relate to that? But then, the first morning after I worked I woke up with relatively soft breasts.

I was panicking.

My biggest fear of returning to work was losing my milk supply and having to stop breastfeeding. I was shocked that after just one day of being away from my baby my supply took that big of a hit.

How could one day make that much of a difference?

The reality of it is there is no replacing physically breastfeeding your baby. Your pump will not stimulate your hormones as readily as your baby. It is really easy to have a drop in your supply once you return to work. But with the right information, guidance and determination you can and will achieve your breastfeeding goals.

So here’s what you can do to increase milk supply while pumping. 

Read my article on returning to work while breastfeeding to give you more details on other things you should be doing to maintain your breast milk supply.

It is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I am here to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals!

Whether your goal is to build your freezer stash or simply just make enough milk to get by, these tips will help you accomplish it.

I know how hard we work as mamas trying to do what is best for our babies, and let me credit you now- breastfeeding is the absolute BEST thing you can be doing for them.

Congratulations on your dedication, mama!

Free Guide to Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply

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In this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know to get your milk supply up to par.

If building your stash is what you are looking to do then this guide also provides you details on the best way to do that. I have gotten my stash up to 700 ounces, and counting!

 I work full-time as a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Department, so trust me when I tell you- not having enough time is definitely not an excuse! The name of the game for what I do is not having enough time in the shift. The clock literally never stops. Taking “breaks” at my job is not just walking away from a computer. The patients never stop coming in.

I have been successful in returning to work full-time while still maintaining my breast milk supply, and I want to share with you how you can do it too! Whether you are a full-time working mama, or are blessed to be a busy stay-at-home mama; my guide can help you organize your time and accomplish your goals!

Read more tips on breastfeeding and pumping here

With those important parts completed I now want to give you the supplementary tool to boosting your milk supply quickly.

Power Pumping to Increase Milk Supply

What is power pumping? Why should you power pump? How does power pumping increase milk supply?

Power pumping is a useful technique that will help increase your breast milk supply when done correctly. Similar to when your baby is going through a growth spurt and they increase the frequency of nursing to meet their needs. Power pumping mimics the increase of demand your baby would have.

When you power pump you are indicating to your body an increase in need. It can be a lifesaver for the working mom because there are definitely days when you just cannot get all the pumping time you really need. After just one day of work I would notice a decrease in breast milk supply.

Power pumping has allowed me to maintain and even boost my supply, which has laid the groundwork for starting my freezer stash.

a new way to power pump pinnable image

How to do Power Pumping

Most websites I have researched will teach you that to do power pumping you need to have an hour span of time to complete the full session. This does not work for me, and probably for most of you too. That is why I want to share with you a tactic to try called Lightning Speed Power Pumping.

It is quite simple and so effective! If you are home with baby you can do this after a feeding session 2 times a day and again before you go to bed. If you are at work, you would just add one of these sessions into your regular pumping day and also again before you go to bed.

Here’s what you do:

  • Pump right side for 5 minutes
  • Switch, and pump from left side for 5 minutes
  • Switch back, and pump from the right side again for 5 minutes
  • Finish, by pumping from the left side again for 5 minutes.

20 minutes, that’s it! You’re done!

The way this technique works so well is by giving your breasts the interval to rest, and when you reapply the pump to it the sensitivity of your breast has returned and you will see more output. You may even achieve a second let-down more easily.

Pumping for extended periods of time can impede your let-down because your nipples and breasts become desensitized to the pump. When you take the pump off and reapply in these shorter intervals you are basically reintroducing yourself to a new pumping session.

If 20 minutes is even a little too long for you, I have even achieved success when doing this process for a total of only 15 minutes. Although, for best results I recommend the full 20 minutes.

I hope this power pumping tool works as well for you as it does for me.

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