Most days we are a little too hard on ourselves.

Okay, maybe that is an understatement. Mom guilt is a real thing. We feel responsible for everything our baby’s feel and go through. And babies go through a lot.

It is impossible to be able to get it right all of the time, and I think we ought to give ourselves more credit.


Try to stress a little less. Breathe deeply a little more.

I know sometimes when you are in the trenches of daily motherhood it can be really easy to lose sight of sanity. Trust me, I have been right there with you.

On days when the tears may seem like they will be endless (from you and baby). Your baby’s screaming is relentless. Your fatigue, stress, or insomnia- it can all be overwhelming.


Moms have a never ending feeling like you have to do everything for everyone at all times.

Our minds are constantly going a mile a minute. Is the baby hungry now? Maybe she’s not tired enough? Is her diaper wet?  I feel like even when we try to sleep, we never really stop worrying.


Try using these positive affirmations throughout your day.

Positive thinking helps decrease stress.  Relieving stress is one of the biggest things I think we can all use work on.

To take care of everyone else, you have to take time for yourself too. Even if it is just a minute to take a deep breath.


I hope these help you!

What else do you do to relieve stress? Comment below!


positive quotes or affirmations to encourage moms