Once you get toward the end of your pregnancy, you should start to plan for labor and delivery. Here you will find what to pack in your hospital bag and what you can leave at home.

what to pack in your hospital bag

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I am the type of person who cannot travel lightly. If I am going for an overnight trip I need to ensure I pack multiple options of outfits because, well, I never know what I will be in the mood for wearing.

What if it suddenly snows in the middle of June? Of course I need these five pairs of shoes. You never know, right?

I knew packing for the hospital would be no exception, despite how much planning I did. The most difficult part was not only deciding what to bring for myself, but also needing to pack for my brand new baby! Talk about stressful.

How am I supposed to know what size she will wear? What will the temperature will be that day? There are so many things to consider when packing your bag for the hospital.

Let me tell you what I feel, in retrospect, makes for the perfect hospital bag to bring.

What to Pack For You Mom

A robe

This is a must have for you because it’s easy to cover up with and adds an additional layer of warmth that can easily be removed. Forget those hospital johnnies.

Here are some super cute robes and you can find matching newborn outfits as well!

Flip flops for the shower

Hospitals are dirty. Public showers are dirty. And public showers in a hospital… need I say more? Bring a pair you don’t mind disposing of after. I brought a dollar pair I bought at Old Navy.


Big comfy undies

That can hold a big uncomfy maternity pad. You will be bleeding a lot. And you will be so sore down there. It is helpful to have room to put those ice pads in there.

You would most likely prefer to have nothing on at all, but that’s not really an option. So make it as comfortable as possible. Bring at least four pairs, because you will be in the hospital about two days, and you make have some leaking and need to change them.


Nursing top

Bring four. Why? Well, babies spit up. A lot. I wish I had brought at least one more of these myself. Once I was down to my only tank top after numerous spit ups.

View my favorite nursing tops here



You will want to feel semi human again and freshen up with your own toiletries. Hospitals are not synonymous with hotels.


Cell phone charger

No explanation needed I don’t think.


Nipple cream

Beginning to breastfeed is ridiculously painful. So I would advise you to begin the soothing process right away.

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Extra pants (yoga pants that is)

Don’t pack thinking you are going to walk out of the hospital wearing your favorite skinny jeans. Even after giving birth you will still look about six months pregnant, give or take. I would bring an extra pair or two in case of leakage (see above.)


Your wallet!

Do not forget to bring your wallet with your ID and medical insurance card.


For Baby

Baby mitts

My little darling came out with daggers for fingernails. I had forgotten her mitts, and sure enough the first night she scratched her beautiful brand new baby face. This is a must have item. 


Car Seat

Another must have item. You cannot leave the hospital without it, but why would you want to anyway?

View our top choice in car seats!


Going home outfit

During the hospital stay it is best to keep baby in the hospital onesie. They are kimono style which allow ease of access for the medical professionals to do their job when needed.

You may be thinking: I want to dress up my baby in cute outfits for photos, etc., but realize A. there will be plenty of time to do that and B. you will be far too exhausted after giving birth. Just pack one or two options for going home. That is all you need.


Baby blanket/Car Seat Canopy

You want to have something to cover the baby from the environmental elements when going to the car. Especially depending on the season. Plan accordingly! This is the canopy I got.

You do not need to bring to the hospital:

  • Breast pump
  • Bottles
  • Spit up cloths
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Diapers
  • Wipes


When you are trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag

The hospital will provide you with the more than you realize. And I know you also think you need to bring a lot more than you will actually need.

The only thing that you will care about is your beautiful new bundle of baby.

You won’t have the energy to change her into three different outfits a day or get yourself all dolled up. Trust me. Focus on what is important and leave the rest at home.

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