Let’s talk about the best baby bath products for 2019.

Where to start? How can a task as simple as bathing be so daunting when it comes to your newborn?

Because they are tiny. They get cold easily. The have a healing umbilical stump. They get very slippery when wet. Maybe you have never done it before. There are a lot of reasons to be nervous giving your baby a bath.

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You also may feel overwhelmed with the selection of products available. I know I was when I first started registering for baby products. I created a condensed list for you to help ease your stresses and anxieties. Bathing your baby can be nerve wrecking in the beginning, but once you get used to it- it will be a fun time!

List of the Best Baby Bath Products for 2019

best baby bath products

Best Baby Bath Tub

FisherPrice Tub, photo from Amazon.com. Click to view on Amazon.

I looked at a lot of tubs. Probably more than I would care to admit. But I felt like it was an important purchase.

For me, it was. I only have stand-up showers in my home (it’s terrible!) so I knew I needed something that would be versatile to accommodate my baby as she grew.

This tub has an infant mesh sling (that is the object you see with the lion on it). It securely straps to the sides of the tub and, like I said is mesh so wash reaches your baby from the back keeping him or her warm. As your baby grows and is able to sit independently, you can just removed the sling and use it as a regular tub.

It has a drain on the bottom with a plastic plug for easy clean up after you are done. It comes with the two objects also pictured. One is a little whale toy. It is kind of a cup with holes in the bottom. I am not sure it serves a functional purpose, but my baby does like to play with it. The other is a squirt bottle useful for rinsing.

I was super picky about purchasing a tub and have been very happy with this one. I also chose this because it is gender neutral- in the event we have a future boy. It’s a good choice all around!

Best Bath Towels

A towel is not just a towel.

best baby towel

I have used some baby towels that did not even dry my baby. I have also tried using just regular towels. Nothing I found or used compared to these towels I found at Target by Cloud Island.

They are soft, terry-cotton. Super absorbent. And I can’t get enough of the cuteness when my baby has the hood on. Another important point is the inside of the hood is lined with cotton material. Many towels with cute hoods do not have an additional layer on the inside of the hood which is not very helpful for drying a baby’s head.

If you haven’t tried these yet- you will not be disappointed here!

3. Baby Face Cloths

Burt’s Bees Washcloth. Photo from Amazon.com. Click to view.

This was another one that I was picky about. Why? I don’t know- probably because I was pregnant and that’s what hormones do to you.

I bought four different brands of wash cloths (overkill? maybe.) The ones that are my absolute favorite were sold by Babies R Us, so unfortunately those are no longer available. But my next favorite are these by Burt’s Bees. I could have Burt’s Bees everything. I love their products! These washcloths are super soft, organic cotton. Babies have delicate skin so using regular face cloths that you use are too harsh for them. Plus- they are inexpensive for a quality product.

4. Thermometer

This whale thermometer by Skip Hop if pictured here. View on Amazon by clicking photo.

What I love about this thermometer:

-It is adorable!

-It has a digital read out on the top of the whale.

-It flashes red if the water temperature is above the recommended limit, green when it is within normal temperature range, and blue if it is under recommended.

-It has a suction cup attached to the bottom of it so you can store it on the bath tub wall (this is more geared toward use in full size shower/tub combinations). My baby has become quite fond of this as well. She loves to reach for it as the whale floats around in the water.

5. Baby Bath Wash

Aveeno baby wash- You can view here on Amazon.

Aveeno products are a staple in my household.

When I started to shop for baby bath products, I started and ended my search here. I trust Aveeno because my husband and I have been using their products for years. I have sensitive skin and surely passed that down to my baby. This baby wash is perfect for her sensitive skin. It does not dry their skin out. It is the only brand I will use.

There you have it! A quick, easy list of the 5 staples you need for bath time.

Tips to remember for bathing your infant:

  • Always start washing from head to toe. This prevents contamination of the more dirty areas to the hands, face, eyes, etc.
  • Infants really only need a bath every 3 days or so, until they start to become more active and getting into things.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in the bath tub! Not even “for a minute”.
  • Sponge baths only until the newborn’s umbilical stump falls off.

Bath time is sure to become a fun time for you and your baby. I use bath time as a cue to my baby that we are going to get ready for bed time. She has fun in the bath, and has come to recognize that this is how she ends her day. It is perfect!