Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 12th in case you didn’t know). Here is a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you find the perfect thing to get the mom in your life!

And don’t forget the mom to be as well! 

This list has options to fit any budget. So let’s get shopping!


mother's day gift guide


Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2019

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Gifts Under $10

The new mom will be in a continual state of only thinking about the baby’s needs. It is really easy for her to put her needs on the back burner. Help the new mom in your life take care of herself too with these inexpensive and so necessary items!


Water Bottle

Moms will be busy. They are all over the place and will be needing to keep themselves hydrated to keep up! Especially if she is a breastfeeding mom. Get her the gift of hydration with a new water bottle!

Seems super simple, right? Trust me, every new mama would love to have a new water bottle (or two) for easy access to stay hydrated. 

Contigo 24oz Straw Water Bottle

S’ip by S’well 15oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth 32oz Water Bottle

Pogo Tritan 32oz Chug Lid Water Bottle

Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth Bottle


Body Care Items

Like I said, the sweet new mom in your life will really be putting herself on the back burner. Give her some new self care items to help relax her after a long day.

Lavender is an amazing scent that will naturally calm the new mom’s busy mind. There are some great options out there for body soaps and lotions, she would adore! 

Bath and Body Works Lavender and Vanilla Sleep Body Wash

Dial Lavender and Jasmine Body Wash

Bath and Body Works French Lavender and Honey Body Wash

The Seaweed Bath Co. Lavender Body Wash

Mrs. Meyes Clean Day Hand Lotion Lavender Scent

The Honest Calming Hypoallergenic Lavender Face and Hand Lotion


More Self Care items for her:

Clean & Clear Day & Night Face Wash 2-Pack Citrus Morning & Relaxing Night

Celavi Essence Facial Masks- Pack of 9

Scunci No Slip Grip Hair Clip 2- Pack


New Coffee Mug

Babies = tiring. Tired moms = need more coffee. 

Get the new mom in your life a new mug to keep her coffee warm. Or as I like to say, a mug to hold your coffee as it gets cold so I can reheat it four times before I actually get to drink it. 

Either way, the new mom will certainly be needing coffee and will love to have a cute new mug to hold it in. 

Messy Bun + Getting Stuff Done – 27oz Mug

Mommy Needs Coffee – Large 22oz Ceramic Mug 

Monogrammed Porcelain Floral Mug

No Drama Llama -16oz Mug

Hola Bonita -16oz Mug

But First, Coffee – 15oz Stoneware Mug

Porcelain No Drama Llama Mug 16oz White - Opalhouse™ Monogrammed Porcelain Floral Mug 16oz White/Gold - Opalhouse™ Porcelain Hola Bonita Floral Mug 16oz White - Opalhouse™15oz Stoneware But First Coffee Mug Green - Threshold™



Gifts Under $25

Looking to spend a little more on the new mom in your life, here are some great gift ideas for items between $10 and $25.

Bath Robe

Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Plush Robe

Just Love Sherpa Trim Plush Robe

Cotton Kimono Style Robe (Amazon’s Choice!)



Amazon Fresh


Grocery shopping and making meals is the biggest thing I overlooked before my baby was born. I figured, how hard could it be to get groceries with a baby? 

It is really, really hard. 

And what is even harder? Finding time or energy to do said grocery shopping. Never mind then having to cook meals too!

Get the new mom in your life a subscription to Amazon Fresh and I will bet anything it will be the best gift she gets!

Trial it out for free!



Keep her feet nice and cozy warm this winter with a new pair of slippers! 

Faux Fur Lined Suede House Slippers

Dearfoams Microfiber Closed Back Slipper

Comfort Memory Foam- Fleece Lined

Amazon Essentials Moccasin Slippers


Keepsake Jewelry and Mementos

Let’s talk about the reason why the new mom in your life is a mom… Hello, she just had a little miracle of life. So give her a gift to cherish that! 

Letter Necklace

Get a necklace of the first letter of her new baby’s name! This is an easy-win in the gift giving department.

Other related choices:

Rose Gold Plate Necklace

Silver Plated Bar Necklace

Cursive Script Initial Pendant

Alex and Ani Initial Bangle Bracelet

Personalized Round Name Charm Necklace with Swarovski Birthstone Setting



Gifts Over $30


Crock Pot 6- Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

See above statement about cooking, etc. being extremely difficult after baby arrives. If it weren’t for my slow cooker, there would have been many days my husband and I might have gone hungry!

Okay, maybe that is a stretch, but a slow cooker is a definite life saver in the food department.

Every new mom MUST have one!

crock pot

crock potcrock potcrock pot

To go with the slow cooker, I would suggest you also get liners to make it super easy to clean up after cooking. You want to make it easier for mama. Get them!

Slow Cooker Liners



Keurig Coffee Maker

Coffee. Need I say more?

Any new mom will LOVE this gift. Heck, any not new mom would love this gift.

Keurig is the ultimate coffee lovers gift. Especially when they have very little time to wait for the coffee to brew. 

There are a ton of different varieties of Keurig coffee makers on the market today. From very basic to more elaborate. 

Depending on what the new mom in your life is interested in, you may also like:

Keurig Latte and Cappuccino Maker

K-Elite with Iced Coffee Function

Keurig K-Mini

To go with the Keurig Coffee Maker, you may also consider these:

K-Cup Carousel

Universal Ground Coffee Pod

K-Cup Storage Drawer

Keurig Needle Cleaning Tool

Keurig Water Filters


Digital Picture Frame

Moms take a million and five photos of their little baby bundles. Give her a way to display them and enjoy them every day!

A digital picture frame is the new age photo album. 


Nix Advance 8-Inch High Res Digital Picture Frame

Nixplay Wi-Fi Capable Widescreen Digital Picture Frame

Nixplay Original 15 inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame with sharing capabilities, and access to apps such as Facebook and Instragam



Mother’s Day gift guide for 2019

I hope you found some awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas for the new mom or mom to be in your life! Happy Mother’s Day!


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