You started a blog and have been writing a ton. But you’re still only getting a few pageviews.

Hitting publish on your article is only the beginning of the work you have to do to get people to actually read your content. So, let’s talk about how to get more pageviews on your blog.

get more pageviews on your blog

Write with the Reader in Mind

If you are writing a blog to create an audience, then you need to keep your reader in mind. Sure, writing about your family vacation can be nostalgic or cathartic. But chances are slim that you will get many people who are equally as interested in it.

The best way to create content that will get more pageviews on your blog is to write with the reader in mind…always.

Create content that is worthwhile to others. Give them information they want to know and will find interesting or useful.

It’s great to add in personal references, stories and opinions. But when push comes to shove, what matters is what your reader wants. Because people won’t visit your blog unless it speaks to them.

Give Solutions or Answers

When you are writing a blog post, you want to be answering a question. Or providing some kind of solution to a problem.

For example, someone is in need of a dessert to bring for the cookout next week. So they google or Pinterest it. Your job as a food blogger is to answer there question with your awesome article “10 Mouth Watering Desserts for a Summer BBQ”.

Now, this was just one example. Answering questions with your blog articles and providing solutions is universal across all niches.

Parenting blogger? Think of all the questions you had when you were a new parent. Every question has the potential to be a blog article.

And take a look at what I am doing in this article…

You are a blogger. And you are probably reading this because you saw the title and want to get more pageviews for your blog.

Problem: you need more pageviews. This article gives you 6 ways to do that = solution.

Give solutions or answers with your writing and it will bring more people to your blog.

Short Organized Paragraphs

When people are looking for an answers to their question, they don’t want to search far and long to find it. (Thank you modern day technology)

To best serve your reader, make the paragraphs in your blog articles short, 2-3 sentences. This makes it easier to read, and easier to find what they are looking for.

Just take a look at this article. See how it is broken up into short, easy to read chunks?

It would be less pleasing to the eye if each section were large paragraphs. And the chances of someone reading the entire thing would dwindle.

Always Use Headers

Headers are super important when formatting your blog articles. There are H1-H6 and using them appropriately will only benefit you.

As mentioned above, when someone visits your site they are looking for an answer or solution. And they don’t want to spend forever to find it.

Most readers will skim an article until someone catches their eye and they read that section. Think of what you do when you read articles. I know that’s what I do!

Using headers not only helps organize your blog post, but it helps direct your reader to what they want to know.

Headers are Listed by Priority

What this means is, H1 is the most important and it goes down to H6, least important.

H1 headers should only be used for the title. Use H2 and H3 headers most frequently for your main points. The H4-H6 for subsequent headings of lesser importance.

I infrequently use anything beyond H4.

Simplify Your Grammar

You aren’t in your college composition class anymore, friend.

Yes, you need to use proper grammar. But make sure what you are writing is simple enough for everyone to understand.

Most of what I have read suggests writing for an 8th grade level of comprehension (understanding).

When someone is looking for a solution to their problem, it does not help their cause if they don’t understand what you are saying.

Don’t Forget Your Personality

There are millions of blogs out there. So what makes yours any different than the next Mary, Jen or Sally?


Your blog is unique because you are the voice behind it. And it’s important to use your personality and let it shine through your writing.

Nobody can write about a topic the way you do. So even if you have seen your specific blog post idea written 100 times, go for it anyway. #mombloggerproblems

To Get More Pageviews on Your Blog Always Remember

I can give you loads of suggestions until the cows comes home on blogging. There is a ton to learn and things are always changing.

One of the most important suggestions I have to help get more pageviews on your blog is to keep this in mind…

“What’s in it for me?”

Make your blog posts about your reader. Give them a reason to need to read what you have to say.

Flocks of people won’t just magically come to your blog. You need to let them know what they will gain from reading your content.

If someone is going to give your blog their time, they want to know… what’s in it for me?