Before becoming a mom, you may or may not have heard the term mom guilt. Yeah, I get it, moms feel bad for everything bad or even not so bad thing that happens. Moms take on every stressor for their children and are always worrying about them. But did you really get it though?

After becoming a mom, I can say without any exaggeration that no, I indeed did not get it. 

mom guilt

Life Changes with a Baby

Once you have your little baby bundle, you may not realize the immense shift that is about to take place in your life. I mean everything will change. 

Going to the grocery store. Watching a movie. Going pee. Making dinner. Going to work. Trying to exercise. Or even going out to the mailbox. 

Nothing becomes easier after having a baby, in fact I would argue that everything becomes at least 10x more difficult. Your life is about to get turned upside, mama. Hang on tight for the ride of motherhood. 

Our sweet babies become the center of our world. Everything we do will revolve around them. 

I can’t vacuum now, the baby is finally napping and I don’t dare wake her. Eh, it’s not that messy in here anyways. I think I vacuumed once last week, or was that a dream? Wait, I don’t sleep long enough to dream… 

As soon as I change and feed the baby, I will eat. Oh, but then the baby pooped and needs to be changed again. And now she’s hungry… again. I’ll eat later. Or tomorrow.

What is Mom Guilt?

We do our best as moms to be as close to perfect as we can for our kids. Because looking at their sweet angelic faces makes you want to give them that.

When we are blessed to become moms, we are given the biggest responsibility life can offer. God has given us a gift, and that is not something you want to screw up. 

No big deal, right? 

Mom guilt is unlike any other feeling imaginable

Being a mom is not for the faint of heart. It will bring you up, and there will be times that knock you down. 

You have taken this responsibility to care for another life. A delicate, beautiful and brand new life.

Your baby depends on you for everything and learns from you. They watch every move you make, absorbing it all. Without knowing it, you teach them language, movements, and emotions. You teach them so much more than you may even realize!

And that is why we have this thing call mom guilt

Trying to be perfect, when we were never meant to be. Wanting to give our babies everything and ensure they grow into being the best human they are capable of. Feeling the continual pressure not to screw anything up. Because every last move is being carefully studied by their busy mind. 

From the day our babies are born, our minds will begin to worry. And I am confident this worry never ends. 

The worry comes from everywhere and it is always there. We worry that our babies aren’t getting enough sleep and then we will worry they are sleeping too much. 

Moms worry about making sure their babies are warm enough, but then worry that they made them too warm. 

We worry about things we didn’t even realize could be worried about. And that is the hard truth about becoming a mom. 

You’re Doing Just Fine Mama

We worry because we care. Moms were put on this earth to care for our babies. To them, we are all they need. 

They won’t judge you for your dirty floors or your messy hair. Your baby will be okay if they are refusing to nap. It’s not a personal failure when your baby isn’t walking by 9 months. 

Our babies are human too, and very much like you, they are not perfect (although they seem it). They will cry over everything and nothing. So try not to take every tear personally. 

Babies grow and develop on their own time. You can’t rush it, and there is no sense in worrying about what you can’t control. 

It would take a lot to royally screw up their future, and I bet that if you are reading this it is because you too have felt the mom guilt. And having that feeling is assurance that you are doing just fine, mama. 

So take a deep breath, or two. Enjoy your babies. Realize that we aren’t meant to be perfect, and that is okay. Your babies will love you regardless. 

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