Remember being a kid and getting super excited going to a ball pit? Me too! You can make a ball pit at home so easily. And bring that fun to your kids. Let me tell you how!

make a ball pit at home

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Click N’ Play Pack of Plastic Balls

We got these plastic balls on Amazon, and they are all you will need. They are a good price and came in perfect condition.

I started with a small sized bag to see how much we liked and used them. Once we received the 50ct bag, we soon thereafter decided to get 200 more!

200 balls sounds like a ton! But to give you an idea, the 200 bag fills a standard rectangular laundry basket. So it’s not as crazy as it initially sounds.

Features of the Click N’ Play Plastic Balls

  • Crush proof, each ball can withstand 90lbs of weight!
  • Multiple size packs: 50ct, 100ct, 200ct +
  • No PVC, Phthalates, or BPA
  • Each ball measures 2.3 inches in diameter
  • 6 bright colors!
  • Comes with reusable mesh pack for storage.

A simple thing can be lots of fun.

Never underestimate the power of a seemingly simply toy. I swear, the most simple of toys always end up being kids’ favorites!

Oh, you like this cardboard box? Here ya go. Who knew how awesome a paper towel could be? A baby knew, that’s who.

Young minds are always learning and growing. They like simple.

Imaginations are developed by giving your child the opportunity to use them!

You don’t need to get fancy when making your ball pit. There are many options when it comes to what you will use to contain the ball pit.

Here are some options of items you can purchase:

But if you are looking for a do it yourself alternative, you can use an empty diaper box! Or a laundry basket would work too.

Obviously these are used in a little bit different of a way, meaning your child can’t necessarily play inside them like one of the bigger pits above. But they will be able to use their imaginations and make it work!

We like to lay the box on it’s side so my toddler can crawl in and grab the balls. You can also roll the balls into the box. Make-shift bowling/golf. This activity lets your little one develop their hand-eye coordination.

The ways you can use these balls to create your at home ball pit are endless! What other ideas do you have to use them?

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