All you need is two ingredients to make watercolor paint at home. Something safe and fun for your toddler. You don’t need to go to the store and buy paints. I bet you already have everything you need. Let’s get started.

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how to make watercolor paint

DIY: Make Watercolor Paint at Home with 2 Ingredients

A fun way to let your child express themselves is by creating art. Whether that means by coloring, drawing, painting. Whichever medium they use, it is such a great way to learn and develop their creativity.

What is water coloring?

Water coloring is a type of painting that offers so much variety in what you can do with it. When using water colors kids will be able to explore different shades or saturations of colors. Also they can test out mixing colors easily to see what happens.

An obvious brand for paints is Crayola. And while they are the obvious choice for kids art supplies (because of their abundance really) you may not have them readily available to you.

I was looking for the ingredients in Crayola paints, but came up short on my internet search. There was some indication that the ingredients are “plant-based” without further detail.

But chances are there are chemicals in the paints to give them the vibrant colors and ability to stay in the hardened form until water comes in contact. Plus, the box states these paints are suitable for children 3+.

Don’t get me wrong here. I like Crayola and I’m not really an all-natural kind of person. But I do find it interesting when I can’t find information like that immediately. Especially when the “non-toxic” slogan is so prominent.

Tell me more, Crayola!

So check your pantry, mama. We are going to make safe watercolor paints with a simple ingredient you probably already have.

How to make watercolor paint at home

how to make watercolor paint

To make watercolor paints at home all you will need is some food coloring and water. There are obviously many options for food coloring, but here is my favorite.

If you are using this all natural food coloring I use here. It comes in powder form. And a little goes a long way!

Take some small bowls or cups and fill with a small amount of water. Then gradually add the food coloring. The more you add the richer the color will be.

I put out large floor coloring paper. And give my toddler a paint brush. Having towels on hand is always a good idea too.

Making watercolors for your toddler

If you make your own watercolor paints, then you know what you are letting your little one play with. The concern for toddlers playing with paints is that, more often than not, they tend to put whatever they touch into their mouths.

When the watercolor paint is made of two ingredients, water and food coloring, there is no worry.

how to make watercolor paint

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