“I don’t get much milk when I pump”. Does that sound like you? Then you need these 6 tips to learn how to pump more milk quickly!

It can be difficult to get used to using a breast pump. After all, it is a plastic machine that is essentially milking us like a farm animal. So, let’s get started. 


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How to Pump More Milk Quickly: Breast Pumping Tips

The hard part about pumping is getting the let-down reflex stimulated. This is when your hormones trigger the release of milk from your breast cells. You may notice a tingling in your breasts when your baby first starts a breastfeeding session. That tingling is the let-down. 

The good news is that there are ways you can stimulate your let-down reflex and make your milk come in faster when pumping.

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Ways to increase let-down reflex when pumping

Warm Compress

If you use a warm compress to your breasts prior to or during pumping it can help improve let down and milk expression. Lansinoh actually makes this great product specifically designed to help with this.

You throw this in the microwave for a few seconds and you’re good to go. PLUS it can also be used as cold therapy when your nipples are super sore!



Taking a hot shower can also facilitate let-down

The same idea as a warm compress, but with the additional benefit of overall relaxation. Warm water will help get your body ready to do it’s thing. So I would pump immediately after the shower. A relaxed mama, will make more milk.



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Use gentle breast massage when pumping

While your are pumping, it is so important to also gently massage your breast. This really helps to get more milk out by the physical mechanics of it all. Especially if you are engorged.

You may need to start massaging all the way up near your armpits and work your way down.



Sometimes you need to give your breasts a rest

If you are 10 minutes or so into a pumping session and notice the milk has stopped flowing, give it a rest for a minute.

When you resume pumping, more often than not you will get more breast milk out.

Your breast can become desensitized during a pumping session. By taking a minute break, the sensitivity returns.


Routinely check your breast pump parts

The valves or membranes to the pump wear out over time. This can impact your output tremendously.

You should be replacing these pieces frequently. Has your output suddenly dropped?? This could be the culprit!


Look at a picture or video of your baby

The visual and/or sound of your baby will help with the production of oxytocin which is key to lactation.

If you are having trouble achieving let down when pumping, a picture or video of your baby is just what you need to get the milk flowing!


Simple pumping tips on how to pump more breast milk

When you can’t always be there to breastfeed your baby, you have to rely on pumping. Make the most out of your pumping sessions with these 6 tips!



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