Ever wonder why your baby can sleep so well in your arms, but as soon as you put them down they wake up screaming? I feel ya, mama. Let’s start talking about the best sleep sack, and start getting your baby to sleep better!

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The Best Sleep Sack for Better Baby Sleep

Babies love the warmth and comfort of your touch. Touch is a developmental need of humans.

We are social beings by nature and are wired to need human interaction. The comfort babies get from their caregivers is the foundation for their psychological development. So it makes sense that your baby would rather sleep cradled in your arms than flat down in their bed.

In an ideal world with nothing else going on except your need to care for your sweet baby- you could just let them sleep in your arms while you get nothing else done, but obviously that fantasy world is not what we live in.

So what are your options?

Oh, there are many! Coming from a woman who has tried many, many things to help my baby sleep better.

But the one sleep sack that really helped my baby sleep better is the Nestedbean Zen Sleep Sack.

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Nestedbean Zen Sleep Sack

I saw a lot of advertisements over and over again for this sleep sack. It was almost as if Google and Facebook could read my tired mind of what I needed. (or the software is just that smart with figuring out my needs based on my search history)

But either way. I eventually decided to give this a try because I was at the point where I had nothing to lose and no better ideas. 

baby and mother with hand on chest for comfort

As I said earlier, touch is a basic human need for proper development. Our babies sleep so much better in our arms.

When we can’t hold our babies 24-7, this sleep sack is specifically designed to provide your baby with the feeling of security.

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The Zen Sack simulates the pressure from your touch with a lightly weighted pad and plush upper panel on their chest. The cute little egg contains the pad that mimics the sensation of your hand.

Reports from Nestedbean indicate their products have improved sleep for babies in as little as 1-3 nights. Speaking from my personal experience, this product definitely helped my baby sleep more soundly in the first week of use.

More information about these sleep sacks: 


Adjustable straps that accommodate your growing baby

See size chart below for specifics

Two-way zipper making diaper changes super easy if needed


Made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton for your baby’s tender skin, it is washer and dryer safe. The weighted pads are filled with non-toxic poly beads, the same as you find in children’s stuffed toys.


The Zen Sack exceeds safety standards. It has passed 12 mandatory and 7 voluntary tests. All materials are BPA, toxic and Phthalate free.

It all started with a baby boy who wouldn’t sleep unless his mom had her hand on his chest. That mom was Manasi Gangan, the founder of Nested Bean.

Guided by a mother’s intuition and driven to help her baby, she created a garment of sorts that simulated the pressure of her touch with lightly weighted parts. Slowly her little one started to drift off and stay asleep apart from her.

After witnessing similar results with other babies using an early product model, Manasi realized that she just had to spread this simple idea to other mothers in need.

She had discovered that harnessing the power of a mother’s touch is an essential part of soothing new arrivals, aiding their transition from the womb into the world.

In fact, as it turns out, simulated touch is so powerful that it is used on pre-term babies in NICUs to calm them, boost their socio-emotional development and bolster their immune systems.

Manasi gathered a team of professionals from engineering, juvenile product design, retail and marketing. They began by meeting with pulmonary cariologists, researchers and child safety experts in order to gather as much research as they could on infant sleep issues, touch therapy and sleep safety.

Then they set about applying these principles to the creation of the Zen Swaddle, the only swaddle to truly feel like a parents embrace.

better baby sleep

Nestedbean has many different options of products which may suit your varying needs.

The use of the term “swaddle” above is to summarize the products because they also market a swaddle, but the item I have used is the sleep sack. Had I have seen these products earlier, I would most likely have tried the swaddle as well, but my baby was too old for that once I discovered this company.

I have yet to try the zen pajamas- but those very well may be next on my list!

My baby has responded so well to using the Zen Sleep Sack. It allowed for a calm and healthy transition away from the swaddle. She started taking longer naps, and sleeping through the night.

If you are in need of a product to help your baby sleep better on their own, I would give this Zen Sack by Nestedbean a try. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it, but I think you will find you are indeed happy with this purchase.

Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Especially when it comes to our babies.

Visit Nested Bean!

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