Have you ever stopped to think about who used the shopping cart before you? Maybe it was a very clean person who just sanitized their hands and the cart before using it. But more than likely it was not.


The person before you could have just sneezed all over the cart. Or maybe they just finished using the bathroom, but neglected to wash their hands. Oh, even better- the person that used your cart before you may have had a bleeding wound on their hand, and now your cart has some dried blood on it. But you don’t see the blood because it is on the under side of the handle bar.


Have these scenarios ever crossed your mind when you get your grocery cart? Are you one of the people who stroll right on by the complimentary sanitizing wipes many stores provide these days? This article is for you. And it is for my germaphobe friends as reinforcement of our OCD tendencies. And also for everyone in between.

What Research Has Shown

In a research study conducted by the University of Arizona, researchers report 72% of carts showed they had been contaminated with fecal matter, and 50% had E.coli. That is the last thing I want to be putting my hands on, never mind letting my baby sit in. Not to mention, our babies put everything in their mouths. Even if they don’t directly put their mouths on the shopping cart, they will put their hands on it and subsequently put their hands in their eyes and mouths. Shopping carts are a breeding ground for germs. 


Sanitize those carts down!

Every grocery store I go in these days offers sanitizing wipes in the entrance. I never miss the opportunity to use these, both on my way in and out! You may think I am being a little over cautious, but from what I have seen and learned from being a nurse- I beg to differ. Would you let your kids put their mouths on a toilet seat? I am assuming your answer is, no! So then I would encourage you strongly to realize that shopping carts are equivalent to that of a public toilet seat. Gross!


I also use a shopping cart cover.

I use the one here by Boppy. It is on Amazon, and I received it as a gift from my registry. Probably one of these most useful items to have! It doubles as a high chair cover, as well, for use in restaurants. It is machine washable and the material is also easy to wipe clean of any spills. It also comes with a crinkle toy you see pictured with the sun on it. It securely attaches to the cover, and can also be removed for cleaning, etc. The seat itself has a built in safety strap. The outer aspect of the cover is elastic, and it is large enough to fit over larger carts.

Click Item to View on Amazon. Photo from Amazon.com


Moral of the story

These shopping cart covers are not just for show. They serve a very functional purpose. They protect your kids! If anything, I hope you will at least use the sanitizing wipes on the carts. Remember, you wouldn’t put your hands all over a public toilet seat, and shopping carts are not much better.

I consider a shopping cart cover a baby necessity!

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