I get it. No one likes to clean, but we all like a tidy house, right? Check out these 6 awesome cleaning tips to get the job done quicker, and make cleaning less of a chore.

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6 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your House Tidy (When your kids do the opposite.)

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1. Make a Plan

I am big on to-do lists. And for good reason.

It is really easy to be scatter brained when you are a busy mom chasing around little beings and probably sleep deprived to some degree.

Mapping out what you need to get done helps you keep track of your tasks. And it is super satisfying to cross each task off one by one.

To stay organized and efficient, make a plan of what you need to clean that day. I also suggest you make a weekly schedule.

It is far easier to keep a house clean everyday, then to let it become more cluttered or dirty and have to play catch up. To keep from feeling overwhelmed, break up the household chores up into smaller ones.

Don’t just write “clean kitchen” on your to-do list. Instead write a few smaller tasks within that. For example, clean counters (check!), disinfect sink (check!), clean toaster oven (check!). And before you know it, you will have achieved your larger goal of “clean kitchen”.

Breaking up bigger tasks into smaller ones makes it more manageable!

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2. Clean Small Things as You Go

Got some crumbs on the counter. Then some dirt from my shoe got onto the floor. The kids dumped a box of crayons out (again).

One way to do things? Say, “okay I will clean all that up once I put the kids to bed tonight”.

A better way to look at it… Wipe up the crumbs when they happen. Get the hand vacuum out to get that dirt pile. “Hey kids, let’s pick those crayons up please” (and usually they will need guidance haha).

Leaving things for “after you put the kids to bed” will certainly set you up for failure, more often than not. Why?

Because your tired. You have 5 more things you need to do to get ready for the next day. Time just gets the best of you, and you prioritize what you really need to get done that night.

So, do small amounts of cleaning as you go throughout your day. That way, you won’t have one giant disaster of a house come 8pm that night.

3. Do Laundry More Often

I loathe laundry. There I said it.

But just like the next person, it’s just something we have to do. And what makes something even more annoying when you already don’t like it? Having a TON of that something to do.

So, instead of leaving all of your laundry for the end of the week, do it more often throughout the week. We personally, do a load of laundry in our house everyday.

Smaller loads more frequently are easier to manage, than letting the laundry pile up and having to do a ton of work all at once.

Some days when I work back to back shifts, I let the laundry slide a little. And boy do I regret that when I am doing 3 cycles in a row of wash, dry, and fold.

It goes with the last idea. Take a bigger project, and break it up into smaller more manageable chunks.

4. Swiffer Mops Are Your Friend

But really though. I don’t know where I would be without my Swiffer mop.

And no I’m not being dramatic.

Using a Swiffer mop has made keeping my floors clean SO easy. And it’s funny…

My daughter sees me using the Swiffer mop so often she wanted her own “to help”. After searching for “kids mops” to no avail, I bought another Swiffer mop with the intention of having my husband figure something out to make the handle shorter.

Little did I realize (because it had been so long since I assembled my Swiffer) it comes in 3 pieces, and you can actually make a mini Swiffer with no effort! Can you say mom win?

Swiffer dry and Swiffer mop refills are both a necessity. Keeping your floors clean doesn’t have to take an hour like it used to.

5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I know these have been around too. But I never actually tried them until recently.

Why did I not try them sooner?

I don’t know.

But, as the name implies, they literally clean like magic. (Okay Tazia, stop be dramatic already.)

Well, with no exaggeration these little sponges make cleaning tough spots so much easier for me! And spots that I thought had just become part of the house d├ęcor forever, came clean using this thing.

The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is a new staple in my cleaning toolbox.

6. Repetition Makes Habits

So, this one is important. And not just for you, but also for your kids.

It is up for debate exactly how long it takes for something to become habit. But for sake of discussion here, let’s use the common idea that it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit.

If you make a weekly plan of things you need to clean around the house, as I mentioned above. And then map it out for 3 weeks. Stick to that plan consistently.

At the end of the 3 weeks, you will probably start to see a shift in your behavior.

You will notice that the things you once listed as chores to remember to do, have become second nature. The crumbs on the counter? You just clean them up without blinking. No more leaving things behind “to clean later”.

It is so important to keep your kids consistent too, and model this behavior for them. They absorb everything you do. And if they see you being tidy, they will mimic your acts, and subsequently learn them.

My Real Life Example

Life with my toddler is messy. I mean really messy. It seems I spend the majority of my time following her path of destruction.

But just a couple of days ago I had a glimmer of hope and encouragement.

My little one has a leaky milk cup, and I am constantly cleaning up drops of milk from it (story for another article). And then I saw her little hands get a cloth and she wiped up a bit of milk she had spilled from the cup.

She is 16 months old.

Now, I don’t expect her to clean up after herself this young, trust me. But you can see how my behavior of cleaning up messes has already begun to teach her good habits!

So make a plan and stay consistent. You will see changes!

Use these cleaning tips to make your life easier.

That is the name of the game, mamas. Work smarter, not harder. Use these cleaning tips to be more efficient with your time and effort.

Do you have more cleaning tips you can share? Let me know in the comments below!

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