I did a lot of research on breast pumps before my baby was born.

After watching tons of YouTube reviews and reading article after article I was set on a Medela Pump in Style. Until my health insurance was only going to give me a brand of pump I had not even come across in all of my research.

I had an instance of terror when I was at the medical supply store and the representative handed me my free pump, an Ardo Calypso. I told them that was not the pump I wanted and they informed me that was my only choice.

Realizing the anxiety written all over my face the lady then asked me, “Oh you are a first time mom aren’t you? All pumps are the same.” Feeling dumb, I took the pump and went on my way. Maybe she was right anyway, I thought, a pump is a pump.


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 It did not take me long into my pumping/breastfeeding journey to learn that she was mistaken.


Having a good pump is key.


Not only can a low quality pump be time consuming, but it can be detrimental to your milk supply.

Without knowing any better, I would spend a minimum of 30 minutes pumping only to yield miniscule amounts. There would be sounds of air leaking from the top of the connectors and I would try to manipulate the tops thinking I just had them screwed on the wrong way. Going from expressing to pumping speeds/strengths was tedious. I used this pump for about two months before I was in tears nearly every day and about to give up breastfeeding because my supply was dropping.


That is what prompted me to get back into the researching game and buy a new pump.


I ended up finding an even better option than the Medela, when I came across the SpectraS1 (>>view here<<) on Amazon.


I knew I would be returning to work and this pump has the much needed feature of a rechargeable battery because you won’t always be near an outlet. It is quiet. It is a closed-system (more on that below). It is hospital grade quality at an extremely reasonable price.


I was a little nervous at first, but I was buying it via Amazon Prime so I had nothing to lose. The first day I got my Spectra pump I fell in love with it. I am not exaggerating either.

Let me give you details of what makes this pump so perfect.

spectra breast pump

Nice design

It’s very cute! Superficial, I know. But compared to the yucky yellow eye sore of a Medela- the Spectra S1 has a sleek design with a nice blue top. It’s sister pump the S2 is pink which I really wanted, but that one doesn’t have a rechargeable battery.


Rechargeable Battery

This sealed the deal. I recalled the times I wished my first pump was more easily portable instead of feeling like a ball and chain to the outlet. The battery life on it is really great too! I was super impressed with not having to recharge it after several days of use. All while still maintaining the same suction strength despite battery level.



This means that there is no way for breastmilk to get into the tubing and into the pump itself. There is a three-piece backflow protector that prevents this completely. It consists of two pieces of plastic with a silicone piece that goes in between.


Backflow Protector

The backflow protector is also what gives the pump its slogan “our pumps don’t suck, they suckle”. Which was another key feature drawing me to this pump. Instead of one movement with each “suck” and “release”, the Spectra actually mimics a baby’s suckle by creating a massaging feel when it sucks. It can be a little hard to describe, but trust me it is a huge difference.


Competitive price

The quality of this pump is equivalent to the hospital grade pumps that cost thousands of dollars (that is why some people choose to rent instead of buy). For a fraction of that this pump offers top quality.


Single Press Mode Change

Single-press mode change from let down phase to expressing. This pump has one button that puts it in either let down phase (rapid sucking) or the expressing phase (slower sucking).


12 levels of suction and 5 different speeds for expressing


Single or Double Pump Capability


Night Light

Built in night light with two different levels of brightness. Easy button to turn on and off.


Digital Display with Timer

You can easily keep track of how long you have been pumping with the digital display timer.




Moral of the story, this pump is the perfect choice. You cannot go wrong with the price and it’s efficiency.


Here are some tips to help guide you on your decision when choosing a breast pump:

  1. Figure out a budget
  2. Visit YouTube for reviews
  3. Consider where you will be pumping: work, home, ease of access to outlets, etc.
  4. Call your insurance company to see what they may offer. Don’t settle on one medical supply store like I did initially.


Not all breast pumps are created equal, but don’t let others try to persuade you that you need to spend thousands of dollars on a breast pump though.

As you have read, the Spectra S1 exceeds every expectation I held for a pump, and I hope you may use this information as you make your decision. Happy pump shopping!