Getting a good straw cup is a necessity when you have kids. Until they really learn how to drink from a normal cup, they need something spill proof.

After your child transitions from a bottle to a sippy cup, they may be ready to start using a straw cup. We have gone through many cups in our household. Having a picky toddler has gifted me the opportunity to tell you that this cup is by far one of the best straw cups for kids out there.

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The Best Straw Cup for Kids

When you need to give your child independence with drinking fluids, but they still can’t manage to not dump the entire cup down their face and chest. You need a straw cup.

Or rather, they need a straw cup.

The trouble with most straw cups is they are not meant to be tipped over. But trying to tell a toddler not to tip their cup over, is most often a losing battle.

And then I came across these straw cups.

Contigo Kids Tumblers

best straw cup for kids

These cups first caught my attention because I love the color combinations. And once I started reading about them, “spill proof for kids”. Hmm… the skeptic in me came out.

But I figured why not give them a try. They were too pretty not to!

I brought them home, cleaned them and much to my delight- they are perfect! Easy to put together and clean. And best of all, they really are spill proof.

There is a specially designed valve inside the straw that prevents spilling. As well as a silicone seal that forms around the straw in the lid.

The straw cups hold about 14 ounces of fluid, are BPA free, and dishwasher safe. These work best for an older toddler. Recommended age is 3 years and up.

Little hands may not be able to hold the cup because it is bigger and does not have handles. The straw is also a hard plastic, not silicone. So this is another reason why it is better for older toddlers and kids.

If you are looking for a durable, leak-proof straw cup for kids… these are it!

Have you tried these out? I would love to know what you think!

Watch this video for a demonstration on how leak proof these cups are!

spill proof cups for kids

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