If you are anything like me, you want a good product for a good price.

I am not looking to spend a ton of money on clothing, but I need something that’s practical for breastfeeding.

I went to the various clothing stores in my area and visited specialty websites online. Sure, I came across a good amount of things that I liked, but my wallet did not like them. Why are maternity and breastfeeding clothes SO expensive?! Because they can be– is the only answer I could come up with. So, Amazon here I come!

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Buying clothes from Amazon can be a little scary because a lot of the shops are Chinese based and that can make shopping like a box of chocolates (you never know what you’re going to get).

Two things: reviews and Amazon Prime.

These are your friends. Make them your best friends!

If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, join us here in the 21st century and try it out free for 30 days. I’ll be honest, I never used it until a few years ago when my husband was all about it- now I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Reading reviews is the best way to know when you are buying a good item. If something has 5 stars with 3,000 reviews- chances are in your favor that what you are buying is a prime choice (no pun intended). The challenge is weeding through all of the choices and reading the reviews. This is time consuming! I have saved you some of the dirty work here, and compiled a list of my favorite clothing items for breastfeeding! (you’re welcome in advance) Items are clickable links to view on Amazon.com


  1. Smallshow Tops

photos from Amazon.com


This shop is where it’s at in the breastfeeding clothing world! The name of the brand is Smallshow.

First of all- I love that because I find it hilarious. When you’re breastfeeding, you don’t really want to put on a big show after all. I LOVE everything I have gotten from them, and it has been a lot. The above shirts come in a set of three, and if you don’t prefer the colors in the photos, just visit Amazon and see all the other options there are! So, I first bought the long sleeved set because my baby was born in November. I figured I had nothing to lose, given the great return policy offered with my prime membership.

They exceeded my expectations. The material is lightweight and stretchy. These were two very necessary things for me being postpartum because A. My hot flashes at night were crazy from my hormone shifts, and B. My body was far from back to normal at that point so I needed the extra breathing room. I ordered a small (I’m 5’4” and 125lbs currently). So I would say the size chart they give is accurate.

There is a peak-a-boo double layer for easy access- which is obviously the reason for getting these shirts in the first place!

If a practical and comfortable shirt is what you are looking for- look no further dear mama. These are it!


2. Pinkydot Hooded Long Sleeve

photo from Amazon.com

I am not ashamed to say it- I am obsessed with this top.

I was looking for something to keep me a little warmer during the winter, but refused to spend a ton on a nursing hoodie. I came across this item by Pinkydot and once I put it on I never looked back! (except when I went back to buy a second one.) While it is not super heavy I still recommend it to you because you can easily layer it with something else. I sized up for that reason. So, I ordered a medium (again I’m 5’4” 125lbs). I recommend you also order a size up because the material did shrink slightly after being washed and dried numerous times. There is a second layer covering your precious goods. I would wear this shirt even when I am not breastfeeding just because it is so comfortable, and you can’t even tell it is a nursing shirt if you didn’t know any better.


3. Hofish Bras

photo from Amazon.com

Yes, you read that correctly, and no it is not a typo. The name of this brand is Hofish.

I don’t know where they come up with these names, but they are quite amusing. When I was pregnant I got these anticipating breastfeeding, and also because I needed new bras that would accommodate my increasing bust size. You can’t beat the affordability of this package. I got the colors you see above, but if you visit Amazon, you can get an array of different color combinations.

I really like these bras because they are comfortable-which is a priority for me. I could live in a sports bra personally. So I needed comfort and these are it. They have a plastic clasp in the front that allows you to easily open the front cup part for feeding. They do not have a wire in them, which is what I was looking for. The material and wide band provide excellent coverage and support without needing a wire. They also come with removal foam pads (which I mostly removed because I just used my nursing pads).

Great deal on these bras and great quality. Keep these in mind if you want something comfortable yet practical for everyday wear.


There you have it.

My favorite items you can get yourself for breastfeeding. My list is short and concise. This makes it easier for you to weed out all the potential garbage there is to buy out there. You won’t be disappointed in these items. They are literally what I wear- everyday!  Check them out and let me know what you think!

Happy breastfeeding, mama!