You are either pro-swaddle or your not. This article is going to talk about what I think is the absolute best baby swaddle to try.

Some argue that the swaddle may interfere with the growth and development of the baby’s hips and mobility. When used appropriately and done correctly, I see no issue with swaddling.

Therefore, I am pro-swaddle.

Whether you are for or against it, I have found an item that will make your swaddling dreams come true.

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The swaddle your baby will actually love

The Best Baby Swaddle

Why do we swaddle babies?

When an infant is new to this world they have what is called the Moro-reflex, or startle reflex. It is an involuntary movement of the extremities and baby’s will do this in their sleep, which can cause them to wake up.

When does the startle reflex go away?

The startled reflex in newborns will go away by 3-4 months old.

Swaddles comfort babies

No one wants a baby to wake themselves up when they didn’t mean to. That makes for one cranky baby and one tired mama. Swaddling is designed to comfort the baby.

Babies spent 9 months growing in tight quarters in your womb. They are not used to having so much space. Babies haven’t developed the neuro-muscular control of their bodies yet.

“My baby gets out of the swaddle” 

If your baby is anything like mine (and most) they will fight the swaddle at times. When they grow stronger, and more able, they will kick and wiggle their way out of a swaddle blanket.

Once my girl started being able to make the blanket come loose I knew it was time to figure something else out for safety sake.

It is not safe sleep to have any loose blankets in the baby’s crib. I tried having her sleep without any swaddle, but she would wake herself up with the Moro-reflex.

Then I found this swaddle: aka The Best Baby Swaddle #ever.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original, Gray, Small, 6.5-13 lbs.This beautiful creation is the Love to Dream Swaddle (view on Amazon here).

Love to Dream Swaddle

You can find this on Amazon in several different colors and sizes. The first one I purchased was this grey one here, and once I realized how perfect this was for my baby I quickly ordered it in pink too. The following picture gives you 8 reasons why this swaddle is so great!

The #1 reason I was sold on this swaddle

My baby always seemed to want her arms near her face when she slept. This was part of the reason why she started fighting the traditional swaddle blanket.

The design of the Love to Dream swaddle allows the baby to have their arms in the position that is most natural for them.

If your concern is that swaddling impedes growth and development of hips, this swaddle is specifically designed as you can tell to accommodate your baby’s hips.

Other features of these swaddles

  • The material is light-weight cotton.
  • Easily machine washable.
  • It is very durable.
  • The material is flexible.
  • It also features a two-way zipper which means:
  1. NO loose blankets at night!
  2. Easy diaper changes without unwrapping your baby all the way.

I literally love everything about these.

The Love to Dream swaddle was a BIG WIN in my books and the best baby swaddle out there.

I would recommend this item to any of my friends and all of you! This will be the ONLY swaddle I will use for any future babies I have. If you are getting frustrated with your traditional swaddle blankets, please try the Love to Dream swaddle.

It was a God send for me and my baby.