Hi there! My name is Tazia.

I am a wife, mom, and Registered Nurse.

Becoming a mom has transformed my life in ways I never even knew were possible. There is such a learning curve from when you first find out you are pregnant, to delivery of baby, and to raising a baby.

The amount of things you need to learn seems endless! Truly, it is endless.

The learning should never stop. 

That is one thing I keep with me during my nursing career and now as a mother. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.

As a nurse in an emergency department I do not claim to know it all, nor would I ever, but I am here to offer you educated insight to all things mom, thus the name I have created for the blog Mind of Mom. 

 We, as moms, have an endless amount of things to keep track of daily, and even more things that we don’t even know of yet.

We are miraculous. Our minds never rest.

This blog is dedicated to you,

> the hard working,

> always thinking,

> craving to learn something new, mom.


Thank you for stopping by!

xoxo Tazia

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